Our Services

We offer a full range of NDT services and specialise in providing a high standard of inspection services to the oil, gas and petrochemical industries.


Euro NDT respects its client’s demands and fully understands that it’s not always practical or feasible to remove coatings prior to carrying out surface inspections. With our clients best interests at heart we invested in Equipment, and also the experienced and qualified personnel to carry out Eddy Current Inspection.

Eddy Current Inspection is a Non Destructive NDT Technique that is used for the detection of surface and near-surface flaws in conductive materials.

The basis of Eddy Current Inspection: To undertake Eddy Current Inspection a circular coil carrying an AC current is held adjacent to an electrically conductive specimen. The alternating current in the coil generates a magnetic field, which interacts with the test object and induces ‘eddy currents’ within the test pieces, They get their name from “eddies” that are formed when a liquid or gas flows in a circular path around obstacles when conditions are right. These eddy currents in return send returning eddy currents back to the receiving probe. Fluctuation in this returning ‘signal’ are monitored and measured, Variations in the electrical conductivity or magnetic permeability of the test object, or the presence of any flaws, will cause a change in eddy current flow and a corresponding change in the phase and amplitude of the measured current. This is the basis of standard (flat coil) eddy current inspection, the most widely used eddy current technique.